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Marianne Solivan's Jazz Vocal Workshop
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NEW Summer Workshop Announced!
The Art of the Song
The Great America Songbook is a deep well of beautifully crafted compositions that have stood the test of time. These songs have been the fabric of our musical lives for over 100 years. Inside of the Jazz idiom a tradition has been built that incorporates swing, syncopation, improvisation, blues and much more, into the art of singing these songs. It's based on telling the story in a uniquely personal way so that the listener will not only get to know the song but get to know you as well. The song is the vehicle for our own expression. Learning from the masters that paved the road for us is a big part of finding your own way. Listening is a must if you want to really understand how things were done and how the music works. In this 10 week workshop we will delve into the music making sure to listen to the masters, learn how to best approach songs, work on stretching our creative boundaries, learn how to have a conversation with the accompanying musician and hopefully, in the end, feel much more comfortable singing in your own voice with commitment and clarity.
Each week you will choose a song from a repertoire list a song to prepare. There will be listening examples of each song for you to hear and refer to. After a short vocal warm up we will go through every ones songs and pin point the areas where you can grow, weather it be in vocal technique to make sure you can execute your ideas or from a musical and creative standpoint on ideas for how to phrase better, use more rhythmic ideas, clarify the meaning of the lyrics and so on.
We will be accompanied by some of the NYC's finest pianists, guitarists and/or bassists every week.
There will be 10 sessions and a final performance. The cost is $650.
The class needs at least 8 participants with a cap of 10.
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Private Lessons
I’m trilled to be able to work with some wonderful students privately and work on technique, phrasing, theory, and much more. In the fall I’ll be teaching 3 days a week ( M/T/W) in my home in Brooklyn. Please contact me set up a lesson time.

Live or via Skype

Work on:
sound and range
theory and ear training

I have a BA in music education and performance and a Masters in Jazz Studies. I've taught professionally for over 12 years and I work with all ages. My approach is to work specifically with the student on building a personalized warm up and practice program. I will asses your technique level and fill in the holes or move the technique forward.
I can work with you on all styles of music including musical theater, pop, R&B, Jazz, classical and world music.

Reasonable hourly rates.
I teach in my studio in my Brooklyn (Prospect Lefferts Garden).
Lessons in your home are negotiable.

To set up a first lesson/consultation – email your name age and your interest/need in vocal study.