Glamorous Life : Jazz Singer in NYC

Glamorous Life : Jazz Singer in NYC

Being a Jazz singer in NYC is commonly thought of as a glamorous job. At times it doesn't feel that way. I worked with Gulnara Khamatova to shoot some editorial photos in my neighborhood in Brooklyn and capture the glamour and the grit of this job and city. I hope you enjoy them.
New Big Band Promo Video

New Big Band Promo Video

May I present...... Marianne Solivan and he Big Band
NYC based jazz vocalist and bandleader Marianne Solivan has embarked on a new project which is creating great deal of buzz; her big band.
Surrounded by New York's top instrumentalists, composers and arrangers this 13 piece big band is sure to cause a stir. Performing an original book of repertoire that is at once traditionally swinging and modern. Marianne adds a bit of her latin roots to the sounds and rhythms as well as her much loved hard swinging energy.

The Band:
Marianne Solivan - voice/bandleader
Todd Bashore - MD/alto sax/flute
John Chin & Willerm Delisfort - piano
Matthew Parrish - bass
Chris Smith - drums
Geoff Burke - alto sax/flute
Stacy Dillard - tenor sax
Carl Maraghi - bari sax/bass clarinet
Andy Gravish - trumpet
Josh Evans - trumpet
Peter Nelson - trombone
Stafford Hunter - trombone
Adazeke - poet
The Making of <I>Spark</I>

The Making of Spark

In the studio with Xavier Davis, Matthew Parrish and Gregory Hutchinson @ Systems Two recording the new CD, Spark.
November 18th and 19th 2013
Andy's Jazz Club in Chicago

Andy's Jazz Club in Chicago

A Class Act: presented by Marlene Rosenberg
Reggie Thomas - piano
Marlene Rosenberg - bass
Lewis Nash - drums
Mike Dease - trombone
Marianne Solivan - voice
October 18th & 19th, 2013