Gary Lloyd

My new favorite jazz singer! Ordering your new CD that I just heard on Siriusxm - Real Jazz. Nice to hear from another New Yorker!

Val Thomson

What a treat for us at the Cafe du Soleil on Friday. Visitors to New York and you were the highlight…you and Ethan. Loved your performance.


Marianne, you should know this! You are loved in Russia!


Had the pleasure of hearing Marianne for the 1st time recently at Hillstone here in NYC. Exceptional singing - you can easily hear the influence of Ella Fitzgerald - she sang with such musicality and style & elegance.

Jack DiMonte

I don't think I'm on your email list so just want to be sure I am!



Pls add me to your mailing list. Thanks.

Hannah Noriega

Decided to wander around your site, I absolutely love the tracks that you have! You should send me a CD ;)
~ As always you sound beautiful, love you, miss you


I`m a singer. Just performed 2 shows att Don`t Tell Mama. Have one com ing up in March att Metropolitan Room. Do a lot of Broadway & Off-Broadway. I`d like to experiment more with jazz. Wondering when your winter session starts. Thanks. Alicia

Chip Berry

So great to have met you at the Side Door tonight. I was glad to have your input on the Berklee School and the business classes. I just spoke to my son about it and he was very encouraged.

You are a rising star and I can't wait to see you back at the Side Door. Kenny is my neighbor and I am going to tell him to get you back soon!. Great web site too.

Becky Reardon

Hi Marianne,
Caught your show at Small's last week, loved it so much, especially the
Brazilian tunes ('Obsession' was brilliant). Also loved the song you wrote
based on the Lorca poem. Just ordered your CD, and can't wait to hear you again.
I'm a composer and have a song I want to send you. Can I send it via this
site? Do you have an A&R person I could contact?
Thanks for your music and for your lively and heartfull spirit!
Becky Reardon


Was thinking of you and hping you're well!
Best Wishes,Rudresh

Geisha Otero

Saw You at the Zinc Bar this past Monday and you were just Fabulous!!!!
A beutiful singer, I enjoyed your performance , amazing!!!! .
Wanted to know about your workshop, it started today. Can you come in late? When will the next one be?
Sincerely, Geisha

Rick Sedlack

Please do a gig in Florida.


I remember your talent and feeling the 'beat' right along with you, simutaneously, and more. You said it would take about 2 years to cut the album. Norma

Drew Paralic

Hey Marianne,
Drew--I spoke with you at David Pearls's gig--jazz composer. I was wondering if you got a chance to listen to my cd (which includes David and Elias Bailey and Laura Kenyon). Any feedback?
Because of your cd, I went to see Peter Bernstein at the Vanguard.

Gary Plotkin

Marianne: I'd like to speak to you about demoing a song for me. Please write or call (646-483-0268).

gerri caldarola

Loved the jazz brunch. I'll be back in NYC in October. I am giving your website and email address to my brother, Charlie Caldarola, who is a drummer in NYC. Best of luck.
Until I see you again either in performance or at Smalls.
Gerri Caldarola
(Met you at Smalls bar)

Kostas (Tasoulis)

Hi Marianne,

it's Kostas here who met you the other day at the Small Jazz place!

I am contacting a friend in Greece in order to explore opportunities. When I am back in Greece at the end of the month I will contact another manager.

Please let me know of your e-mail or if you prefer that I write here.

Wonderful to listen to you while I am writing!

Rajan khanal

your performance is very nice, we would like to exchange your voice with nepali artist, one day nepali artist will come portugal and we can exchnge culture and music.

Melissa Stylianou

Marianne, such a pleasure to sing with you at St.Peter's. I hope to hear you again soon.

Toni Harris

I am interested in your workshops
please forward info

felix van Dijk

Hi, my brother and I heard you perform at Tugboat Cafe last night. You guys were wonderful. We discussed Kurt Weill just to give you a frame of reference. There is a song I've written "Easy To Breathe" that can be heard sung by Canadian jazz singer Adi Braun, Here is a youtube link.


Frederique MAGNE

Heard you at Jazz Connect last month and LOVED your SWINGING soulfullllll ARTISTRY.
I live in Princeton and hope to manage a ride to go and hear you at the Delaware Water Gap on 2-14 (don't have a car).
On your way there I HIGLY recommend that, if possible, you take the time to stop in Princeton at the Princeton Record Exchange, which is one of the BIGGEST independent dealer of CDs, LPs, DVDs in JAZZ and all genres, at VERY reasonable prices. ALL the Best. Frederique

Jerry from Tugboat Tea Co

Hey Marianne,

Great discourse this morning over breakfast!

Laughter is good!... Thanks for keeping me laughing & helping me leave with a smile!



Hi Marianne,

Just wanted to say "thank you" for your Italian recommendation - the food was pure deliciousness !!!

And nice to meet you - I'm heading back to sunny California today to my little beach of heaven.

Hope someday to hear you sing - I'll keep an eye on YouTube in case you decide to post a "little green"


Matthew Vacanti

Hey Marianne,

Really dug hearing you and about you at Jazz Connect. Just wanted to let you know, your website is great, especially the photos. Jana La Sorte's criticisms were silly. Your first impression is great.

Matt Vacanti

carol sue gershman

Hi Marianne,
Would like to join your next workshop. thank you
carol sue

Jay Edwards

Loving your " The Lonely One" from " Prisoner of Love" I am Jazz Programmer on WCLK.COM. WCLK 91.9FM Atlanta Georgia. Show Jazz Tones Saturday's 2-6 PM . I wouldlove to feature your music. If possible send a promo to POB 840 Red Oak Georgia 30272.Thanks
Jay Edwards

david finck

Hi Marriane,

I was wondering if it would be ok to send you some original songs. I can send a few MP3 files.

let me know,


Peter Amendola

Would love to be on the mailing list.


Tony Underwood

Hi Marianne,

Go music... i am glad to listen.


Hi Marianne,

I met you last evening at The Drawing Room (I was working the door). Just wanted to drop a line to say hi. I'm sure I'll see you aroud 'the scene' soon. ~Margi

joan duncan

Loved ou at Antibes this past wednesday. I plan to give a party soon and would like to know how much that would cost for 2 hours of your fabulous voice at the party.. and would like to be on your mailing list to know wher to catch you performing in NY. Joan

Donald Dal Maso

Dear Marianne, As I said last night, my wife and I had the good luck to be at the Deershead to hear you. Your performance was rivetting, deeply moving-I can't do better than to repeat the praise you have received for your art. I had earlier performed three Bach unaccompanied movements to new choreography but the great bonus of the night was putting down my instrument to listen to you.

You and your colleagues created music on a level I seldom hear anywhere. I can't tell you how many performances (classical music, that is) where I've walked out. Please consider my wife June DeCamp and me permanent members of your audience.

We have a farm to the south of Delaware Water Gap but live in NYC (for a while longer until my wife retires). We hope you will be our guest there sometime and we will be sure to be at a future NYC appearance by you.

Best, Don Dal Maso

Dr. Marilyn Oldman

I saw you first at speigeltent at Bard in aug.and again this past fri. nite at Smalls jazz club. I enjoyed both performances immensely and be
Iieve you are a terrific talent with a fine delivery that touches the hearts and souls of your audiences .Please let me know when and where you will be performing in Manhattan in the future ( particularly on fri. or sat. nites) --- as I will surely do my best to attend. COngrats to you,!!! M

Yuki Futami

Dear Ms. Marianne Solivan,

This is Yuki Futami who Talked to you after 2nd set at smalles last night. It was great honer to meet you and thank you for great great and great performance!!

I was working as a professional pianist in Japan and I played with vocalist sometime. I found out last night that the jazz we have played with in Japan is not jazz and that is the real jazz you played.

I hope to listen to your music again. Let me check your gig on your web site.
Thank you


ray alexander

Hi Marianne-just wondering if you are working on a new cd-loved your last one; and featured it on a few of my shows on called 'Fascinating Rhythm'. If yu issue another one, please remember me at 12-480 Chalfont Rd, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R3R 3V4--warm wishes, Ray Alexander.

Michael Conroy

Hello Marianne,
We met at Saul's party on Wednesday. I was the filmmaking brother of Steve the bassist. You asked me to send you my email so I am doing just that. How was the rest of your night? Are you going to tour Los Angeles anytime soon?


When is the next work shop

Wade Tarling

Hi, I recently started following you on twitter. Tunes sound great. I'm always interested to know how the jazz scene works in New York? I was there for the first time last summer and loved it. I was attending a Medeski Martin and wood camp in the Catskills and only had a few days in the city. I saw a lot of the jazz clubs etc. I wonder how one would go about booking gigs or even just get more immersed in the scene. I currently live in St. John's NL. There is a big music scene here ....not so much in the jazz realm. Anyway, I would love to come back and learn more, hang out , get into the scene more than just the tourist bit. Thanks for your time


Doug Wolfson

Hi Marianne,

My wife, Jayme, and I caught your performance Wednesday at the Kitano. I particularly liked the duet you did with the bass player. Very hip! Not that you need suggestions, but: You could pick a bunch of standards, let him do a cool intro where you can't really tell what the tune is, then you come in and the listener gets a nice surprise. Not that I'm an expert, but two songs that came to mind as you were performing were "It's All Right With Me'' and "Night and Day.'' Make a record. Call it "Bass Hits With Marianne Solivan.''

Anyway, keep up the good work and the best of luck to you and your band.

Julie Lavender

Hello Marianne, I have a nationally syndicated eclectic jazz radio show that is heard on public stations acorss the coutnry. We record our shows in the barn at DreamFarm an hour norht of Boston. If you are in the Boston area, perhaps your'd like to be a guest on the show. Here is our webiste, Check out the archives to hear what we are doing, and let me know what you think.


Julie Lavender

Elise Nadeau

hey girl! My name is Elise Nadeau! You were amazing tonight! Im a singer trapped in a photographer's body!!!! I would love to photograph you as well as speak to you about music! Keep up the good work and I hhope to hear from you! xoxoxoxoxo

Gary Hoffman

bucknell concert: GREAT! liked the adventurous song picks. very gracious toward audience and fellow performers. and speaking of them i am sure you know, you couldn\'t find any better, anywhere. look forward to hearing you again.

Bob Biermann

Hi Marianne!

Great hearing you and meeting you at Empress Lounge last night! Hopefully will make it to NYC soon to see some shows there, thanks again and see you next time!

Cheers, Bob

Sarie Teichman

Hi. We met at Cafe DaDa the other night. Now I'm one of your new fans! (I was with the group of Renee Manning's students from the Brooklyn Conservatory, so if you put me on the list I can help spread the word.)

Ruth Stevens

Loved meeting you after Baby Jane's set a Metroolitan Room. Can't wait to catch you in NY sometime soon!
Ruth and Len

Susan and Joel

Dear Marianne,
We enjoyed your set today at North Square. We said 'hello" when we first arrived. It was much quieter than Eats Restaurant, but still there were a lot of talkers. However, we could hear you sing this time. Stay in touch.

John Haskin

Ran accross your "Prisoner of Love" when looking for the old Perry Como and Sinatra versions and some of the female vrsions from the 30s thru e 50s. Yours was THE best. I especially loved the addition of the intro hat no one used back then (pobably because it made the song too long to get played on the air) but it, and you make the song. I hope ou are performing somewhere in the Midwest soon as NYC is a ways to go from notrhern Michigan

Howie A

ANy NYC appearances between 12/23 and 12/31?


Dear Marianne,
My husband and I heard you at Hillstone tonight. I bought the CD from you at the bar. We will continue to follow your career. We know you are "going places"!

Joann Tana

My husband is a big fan of your music. For his 65th birthday, I would like to get tickets to the Cape May Jazz Festival to see you. I am not sure what tickets to purchase. What does it meah when you say Martini Beach as a venue? Will you be appearing at the Convention Center or on a beach. He is a very heavy diabetic. We are good friends with Joanna Pascale from Philadelphia. You might have heard her CDs. I would like to plan a great weekend for us. Please suggest what package to purchase. Thanks for your help.

Roc M

wow! didn't know u were rolling like that! after all everybody sings! lol but seriously u have a warm warm timbre and emotion. beautiful voice....not sure if i should send my scott andrews version of prisoner of love i was telling u about. lol anyway check my site there's a youtube demo on there. if it seems like u might actually go thru all 37 pgs i'll gift it to u. remember cd for interactive book. i'm listening to u as i type. ur swingin baby! nice meeting u at sheila's. stay n touch xoxo

Rusty Rush

Marianne- I host an afternoon program called "Voices of Jazz" on KAMU-fm, Public Radio at Texas A&M Univ. Would you please send a promo copy of "Prisoner of Love" for airplay? Thank you in advance.

Rusty Rush
2724 Adrienne Cir
College Station, TX 77845

979/255-1760 my cell 979/845-5613 station

Simone Spruce-Torres

Marianne, I am a regular listener of Eric in the Evening and I heard you for the first time tonight. You have a beautiful melodic voice and I look forward to purchasing your CD.

Vittorio Lo Conte

Dear Lady,

I write for
If you like I may write a review about your record.



Keith V Gilchrist of Jazzman Music

Thanks Marianne for a great connection. I'm truly enjoy your music and such a great vibe. Thanks The Jazzman

Joseph Costanzo

I heard about you on songbirds--a yahoo group and i purchased the cd through amazon. is there anyway i can mail it to you to sign. thanks in advance for your time and kindess. Joseph. Healdsburg CA

Marcus Wiley


Marcus here, just wanted to reach out and say thank you for your perfromance at Smalls Jazz Club in NY. You may not recall but you met my bosses and I (Phoenix) at any rate my Boss is having a birthday celebration and would LOVE to book you for the evening, please respond via to discuss further.

Thanks so much!

Stephanie Rudolph

Dear Marianne,
we met at Birdland on Sunday... Thank you so much for the CD download - I really enjoy your voice tremendously! You absolutely made my night with your songs. I will contact the jazz club I mentioned here in Birmingham, Ona's music room. It would be fantastic if you could perform here one day. Thank you again and many hugs.

ulpiano fernandez

La diva de la noche, la conquistadora despue de la media noche.Que conceptos pueden determinar a la noche, cuando el resumen de las paione se vuelven musicales y sutiles ,y que es el resumen de la noche es la voz.

Doug Ramsey

Ms. Solivan,


I tried to send the link to Hipnotic, but the label's mail box is full. Perhaps you would be so kind as to forward it.

Best regards,

Doug Ramsey

andrew buck

Dear Marriane

I just chanced across your new album on itunes, at it happens, on the day of release. I have not heard your music before but listening to the track previews was more than enough to persuade me to buy this album. New Jazz albums of this standard are few and far between, so I am thrilled to find yours - best of luck with your new release, I hope it is a big success for you.

Best wishes from Andrew

Dr. Carlos A. Iramain

I am a Jazz Journalist based in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
I already got a promo copy of your debut CD ! It's woderful !!!
Keep up the good work !
All the best,
Dr. Carlos A. Iramain
("International Jazz Critic", nominated by Down Beat Magazine).

Barrie Woodey

Your new Cd was sent to me by MC Promotion and I wanted to thank you for restoring my faith in new and upcoming female vocalists. I throughly enjoyed every track of the Cd, and congratulate you on not only your talent, but your courage in singing tunes by Betty Carter and Gigi Grice Thank you and I do not doubt that many more accolades will come to you in the future.
Stay cool sleep warm. Barrie Woodey host Jazz4a Sunday Night CHRW Radio London Ontario Canada

Ray Funk, Funk Roots KUAC FM Fairbanks Alaska

Greetings from Alaska. Ray Funk, producer/host of Funk Roots at KUAC-FM in Fairbanks just below the arctic circle here.Just heard the Soundcheck podcast with you. Wonderful!I am writing because I am interested in getting promotional copy of your cd for my radio show called Funk Roots on Kuac-FM. The show is an eclectic mix of world music, roots music, and jazz. It is on every Sunday night from 7 pm to 9pm in Alaska. I have been on the air at KUAC as a volunteer dj and producer for 32 years and Funk Roots has been on the air for over twenty years. KUAC-FM is the local NPR affiliate and is rebroadcast on other stations throughout Alaska. It is also broadcast on the internet. See My playlists are now posted to a consolidated npr site I continue to have fun doing my show as a volunteer when when according to recent reports this music is getting less and less coverage on public radio. Classical, jazz, and world music on public radio declined by up to 30% over the last decade and roots music cannot be far behind. Meanwhile, I have recently become a member of the artist selection committee for the Fairbanks Concert Association.I look forward to hearing from you.Ray FunkFunk Roots, KUAC-FMP. O. Box 72387Fairbanks, AK 99707 USA

Vince Chura

Hi, Marianne. Could I trouble you to add me to your mailing list? I couldn't find a separate form for that on your website.



paul pearce

I just received your CD from Michael and love it. I host a weekly jazz show from The Uinv. of Richmond: on Sundays from 7 - 9 pm, EST. I post my shows on Mondays at ("radio shows.") I plan on airing and promoting your recording on Sunday, March 11th. Hope you can dheck it out, either 'live' or the following Monday at my website. Thanks for a grreat recording. Best wishes,
Paul Pearce

Gary Walker

Hi Marianne- Just listened to "Prisoner of Love" and wanted you to know we'll be playing it on WBGO when the cd is released.
Thanks for your music.
Gary Walker


Lovely Marianne,

you made me have a perfect night yesterday! Many thanks & Dankeschoen!


Brigitte (from Austria) :)

Will Hough

Amazing! Truly..

William from Quebec City

Saw you tonight at Zinc Bar, It's been a lovely moment.
Let me know when you come in show in Montreal or even better in Quebec City. There's also a small jazz fest there. Listening to your CD right now. Great stuff. Keep going, take care of yourself and your beautiful voice.

Sari Kessler

Hi Marianne,

Can you add me to your email list? I'd love to come see you. You sound great.!!


PS We met briefly at 55 Bar. I think it was Kate McGarry's gig.


Thanks in advance, all the best from Amsterdam, Ilse

Wayne Tucker

Thanks for keeping me informed on your great talent.

All the best.


Michael Vorel

Please add me to your mailing list for future events


Judi Solivan

So sorry I missed your wonderful voice this night, but please keep me updated for any events and CD releases.
Judi Sr.-

Alan Rupa

Enjoying your show tonight I am glad you mentioned in the Boston area that the clubs always have TV's with sports on them Glad Smalls does not. Its like Hell up here in the Boston area becuase all they have in clubs is sports and sports teams this is why NYC has a much better club scene for Jazz all Boston has is their Harvard snobs and the bad accent. thanks for the great show tonight at smalls watching via internet.

Jim Sieyes

Lovely version of I Wish I Knew.



Great voice, great songs, by the way who played piano in Out of this World (in myspace)? Thanks.

Larry Roland

Hello Mary ann,

It was good to see you last night.

I wish that I had heard you sing...I love your voice...but even more, I liked what you said
when you so passionately shared what you had to say about your approach
to that time while listening, I was thinking that I would like to get together with
you and go over some music. I'm trying to grow and be around as many serious
people going in the same direction while I'm here. So if possible, I'd like to get together
with you and run through some things because God knows that I need it...what do you think...?

Marlene Rosenberg

Hi Marianne
It was nice meeting you in NYC a few weeks back and hanging out. Well you sure have a couple of swingin bassists on your CD! Congrats and best wishes. I enjoyed your music here on your site. Best,
Marlene (Rosenberg)

Jessica Perszyk

Hi Marianne,

Online arts & culture guide BeaconPass is featuring your upcoming show at Smalls Jazz Club as one of the coolest events in NYC. Here's the link to your BeaconPass feature:

There's nothing we love more than seeing our favorite artists pack the house, so we've designed BeaconPass to include all event details (travel, ticketing) as well as a great write-up and pictures. Your BeaconPass feature can be extremely helpful in reaching fans, so use it to your advantage! (Please use @BeaconPassNYC when tweeting the feature and event.)

You'll also see that your show is a BeaconPass Plus event. BeaconPass and the Living Room have a friendly agreement that allows us to pair a benefit (2-for-1 drinks) with this show. We don't make any money from the benefits, nor do artists or venues lose anything. Instead, BeaconPass is designed to be artist- and industry-friendly by motivating new audiences to see more shows and discover arts that they wouldn't have otherwise. (More info here:

We encourage you to invite your NYC networks to get the Plus Benefit paired with your show. All they have to do is sign up for free right on your event feature page.

We hope this BeaconPass feature helps inform and excite fans. Please let me know if you have any questions (and we always appreciate feedback, good or bad); if not, we'd still love to hear from you.

We hope it's a great show!


Jessica Perszyk
PR & Marketing Project Manager

Unveiled Arts, LLC
430 West 14 St., Suite 204
New York, NY 10014

mobile: 925.683.0170
office: 646.626.6299
fax: 646.626.6399

Lainie Cooke

Happy to keep my commitment to you, Marianne. Send me that CD hot off the press when it is ready. Have a great session(s).

Lisa Chappel

Hi Marianne - I was at Smalls last night and LOVED your show. I have been hunting down some of your songs this morning - but the one I can't find anywhere is that one about being true to your soul with the lyric "I'm not a sham". I think you said it was Betty Carter but I might have that totally wrong. I am a writer starting to dabble with lyrics from Melbourne, Australia - am currently working on a collaboration on a set of new jazz songs - so right now I am totally in to new, slightly off beat jazz songs, I also loved the Dorothy Parker one - am totally inspired that she wrote lyrics - I had no idea.

All the best with your career - you were awesome!

(If you are wondering who I was - I was the one with the grey hat and bright red/orange scarf with my Mom : ) - we're on a girls roadtrip!)



Daniel Solivan

I like your sound.
It was great seeing you Christmas eve. We hope to see you sooner than later.
I won't forget to send you the DVD of "Lydia Solivan Renaissance Woman"
We love you, God bless you.

Uncle Danny

Terry Lundstrom

Jazz in Mind Productions played for our holiday parties 2003 through 2006. Do you still perform for parties? If so would you be available on Saturday, January 22nd to perform at the MIT Faculty Club?

Thank you.
Terry Lundstrom

Assistant to Dr. Kenan Sahin, President of TIAX LLC

Ratzo B. Harris

Hello Marianne,

I got your email about your upcoming performances. Thank you. I just wanted to give you a better email address than the one you've been using. The best email address to reach me at is: (not

I also noticed that you don't have a bassist lined up for your Iridium appearance. I'll be performing at the Carlyle (w/ Bob Albanese and Dave Meade backing up Paolo Szot) that night. We're done early and it would be very easy for me to walk over to Iridium with a whole bunch of the Carlyle audience and play with you. I've been listening to your music on your website and would really love to play with you one day. Of course, I'd want to get together to rehearse! If that can't work out, I'm going to try and swing by Iridium anyway to hear you. Still try and bring a few folks from the Carlyle!


Ratzo B. Harris

jeannette lambert

saw you at the irideum Wed. the 14th. Love your voice. Want to let me piano students hear you, so they can get ideas on changing melodic line. Where are your cds avaiable.

Athena Li

Hi, I am interested to take voice lesson but I have never had any before. I am just in Brooklyn for the summer, I am just hoping to pick up some singing skills. But I don't think I have a good voice. What are your rates? and availability?

Michael Moran

please email if you'd like to talk about coming to Amazing Things arts center

Sharel Cassity

Hey girl, congrats on the new site! All the best this New Year :)

Blanjoie veronique

Wonderful....I was at the maison des congres in Clermont-ferrand this afternoon
to see jules Cesar. It was a great pleasure to listen you singing . (excuse me my english is very bad !!)
I would like to buy a CD tell me where can I find one ?
Hope you 'll sing another time in France...and hope I'll be there ....
best regards
Veronique Blanjoie

Vaughnette Bigford

would love to hear you live sometime, beautiful sound.

Russell Malone


mayumi takeda

Hi! I met you at smoke today!! and I was really impressed by your song.
Id like to take a lesson from you, and I have some questions about it.
how much does it cost for a lesson? do I need to pay for aadmission fee or something? Im going back to japan on friday. is it possible to take lesson from you only once or twice,? please email me! have a good night
Mayumi Takeda.


do you ever still perform in the boston area?

are you available to entertain at a wedding, Sunday, Sept. 6, 2009, afternoon, in W. Cambridge, MA? If so, rates.


your fans,

Ron and Yulia.