Something ELSE Reviews SPARK! - by Jordan Richardson

With Prisoner of Love, the Queens-born vocalist Marianne Solivan put together one of the very best records of 2012. She demonstrated her command of love’s many sensibilities on the debut and illustrated an earnest spirit seldom heard. Following up such a striking debut can seem like a tough slog, but...

Marianne Solivan - SPARK

By Christopher Loudon

Though a vital part of the Manhattan jazz scene for more than a decade, Berklee grad Marianne Solivan remains too much a local delicacy. Hopefully Spark, her sophomore release as a leader, is prophetically titled, and will at last ignite wider recognition.

Though Solivan’s sound hints at...

Ken Franckling's Jazz Notes

Singer-composer-educator Marianne Solivan has absorbed mightily from listening to jazz greats over the years, and her absorption from singers and instrumentalists has turned her into a charming and gifted talent. You’ll immediately dig her sense of time, her phrasing, and her ability to make a song all her own. She...

Midwest Record

MARIANNE SOLIVAN/Spark: Here's a jazz thrush that gives a recidivist thrill. Leading with her full throated sound and enlisting a bunch of jazzbos that capture the feel of back in the day, Solivan isn't following anybody's lead as she cuts through the dross and delivers the gold. Loading her originals...


Marianne Solivan's Spark is an album on the move. The session confidently strides forward, buoyed by the the singer's own sound and the understated assuredness she shares with her musical companions.
Pianist Xavier Davis, bassist Matthew Parrish and drummer Gregory Hutchinson are along with Marianne for this ride, and one...

JazzLives: She inhabits her songs. By Michael Steinman

Posted on November 18, 2012

Midway through Marianne Solivan’s first song, the Beloved turned to me and whispered, “She inhabits her songs," which I immediately took as a truth so self-evident that it deserved to be the title of this blogpost (copyright...

4 Stars for Marianne Solivan's Prisoner of Love

Marianne Solivan
Prisoner Of Love
Trumpeter Jeremy Pelt produced this album,
which places New York-based singer Marianne
Solivan in minimal but supremely musical set-
tings. In so doing, he gives maximum exposure
to her low-level dynamic of an alto voice. In a
way, she’s a throwback to...

She sang, he sang...The Ottawa Citizen

On her latest CD Prisoner of Love, vocalist Marianne Solivan surrounds herself with some A-list, hard-swinging company.  They include guitarist Peter Bernstein, pianists Michael Kanan and Xavier Davis, bassists Christian McBride and Ben Wolfe,  drummer Johnathan Blake, and trumpeter Jeremy Pelt, who produced the disc. The first, but not...

Washington Post CD Review

Album review: "Prisoner of Love"

By Geoffrey Himes
Friday, June 1, 2012

In the towering haystack of recent recordings by female jazz vocalists, all chasing Diana Krall’s commercial success, it’s often hard to find the golden needles amid the straw. But Marianne Solivan’s solo debut, “Prisoner of Love,"...

Prisoner of Love review -

The singer Marianne Solivan resides in Brooklyn and attended
Berklee, two good preconditions for a nice figure as a singer
jazz. On this album, debut, proves to be a true champion
in line with the great singers that have made the history of jazz.
The choice of titles and musicians...

Prisoner of Love Review Gaffa Mag. Denmark

English translation:
Prisoner of Love is the American jazz vocalist Marianne Solivan's debut disc.  And mind you a very strong one.  Solivan's vocals are so crystal clear and full.  The musical accompaniment is sublime.  And the numbers?  They are solidly established standards.
It is...

Jazz Weekly - Reviews Prisoner of Love

Newcomer Marianne Solivan has a husky chestnut mare of a voice, and displays alarming confidence with it on this disc produced by trumpeter Jeremy Pelt and endorsed by bassist Christian McBride (who plays bass on a number of tracks). The fascinating thing about his collection of standards and obscurities is...

Hot House Feature - Marianne Solivan @ The Kitano pg. 25


Singer MARIANNE SOLIVAN, sweetly candid, delves beneath the familiar.  A delicately intent sculptress, she reshapes but never distorts.  Bending notes, breathing verbal cadences into new, convincing speech, Solivan creates powerful, rhythmic music.  With pianist Michael Kanan and other kindred spirits,...

NYC Jazz Record - reviews Prisoner of Love by George Kanzler

In his notes for Marianne Solivan’s debut album, bassist Christian McBride recalls a “time in history when vocalists and instrumentalists were on the same page. In addition to knowing lyrics, vocalists knew what keys they sang in, what the correct chords were, terminologies such as ‘bridge’, ‘tag’, ‘turnaround’, ‘8-bar phrase’...

Jazz Society of Oregon - Reviews by George Fendel

Prisoner Of Love, Marianne Solivan, vocals. In this era of self-produced CDs at relatively reasonable cost, there’s a multitude of “wannabe" female jazz singers. Now and then an impressive one arrives in my mailbox for review. And this month, it’s Solivan. She’s the kind of singer who delivers a lyric...

Rifftides reviews Prisoner of Love

Solivan has attracted an impressive coterie of fans among New York’s musicians. They include Christian McBride, who plays bass on her first album and Jeremy Pelt, who produced the CD....

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Midwest Record reviews Prisoner Of Love

MARIANNE SOLIVAN/Prisoner of Love:  Whoa, produced by Jeremy Pelt with the backing crew having all the top, contemporary jazzbo on board?  Where did this come from you ask?  Certainly out of left field.  This top shelf jazz vocalist and her pals take on old tunes that...

Press Release: Prisoner Of Love - March 20, 2012

HiPNOTIC RECORDS releases the debut recording of Vocalist/Composer MARIANNE SOLIVAN


produced by Jeremy Pelt and featuring Christian McBride, Peter Bernstein, Ben Wolfe, Johnathan Blake, Michael Kanan, Xavier Davis

“She is the modern day paradigm to which all singers should aspire." - Jeremy Pelt

"She's sensitive, she's...

Press Release for Prisoner of Love

For Immediate Release
Kim Smith PR | | 917 349 8090

HiPNOTIC RECORDS releases the debut recording of Vocalist/Composer MARIANNE SOLIVAN


produced by Jeremy Pelt and featuring Christian McBride, Peter Bernstein, Ben Wolfe, Johnathan Blake, Michael Kanan, Xavier Davis

“She is the modern day paradigm...

Jazzmobile Finalist 2010!!

I'm excited to announce that I am once again one of eight finalists in this years Jazzmobile Jazz Vocalists Competition!

Please mark your calendars for Monday July 26th when we will all perform at Gospel Uptown and the winners will be chosen.

Check out for more information...

Julius Caesar in France!

I have the good fortune of being part of the cast of Julius Caesar directed by Arthur Nauzyciel. We are touring in throughout France participating in some wonderful theater festivals. This is truly exciting show and an amazing cast. If you are in France please make a point to come...

Jazzmobile Finalist!

Good News!
I have been selected as one of eight finalists in the Jazzmobile Vocal competition!

Jazzmobile is a non profit organization that has been working to present, preserve, promote and propagate Jazz. There were live auditions last week and out of about 100 singers that came eight were selected...

C3 Project

Hello friends,
I've just returned from Philly. I had opportunity to record with Darryl Harper and the C3 Project. This is an amazing group of wonderfully talented musicians performing the music of Darryl Harper Brian Landrus and others. This is one of the most beautiful selections of music that I...