Marianne Solivan

Vocalist - Bandleader

A voice that is powerful & warm, strong & supple with the perfect touch of seduction.  The ability to weave a story so well you get lost in it. A swing feel that will get you moving in your seats. And joy, enough joy to fill the room.  This is what separates jazz vocalist Marianne Solivan form the rest. 

Solivan has a way of making you her best friend when she sings.  She gives so much to her audiences in her stories and laughter that you automatically feel at ease with her.  She brings alive well worn songs and introduces you to new material that feels like an old chestnut.  

Her reputation amongst the Jazz elite in New York is second to none.  She is a well rounded musician that plays with the best and brings out the best in them all. 

Her first two records both received high critical acclaim in both  Downbeat & JazzTimes and her next record Re-Entry is sure to hit the top of the Jazz charts.  

Solivan is a naturally gifted performer and vocalist who envelops the stage and gives so much of herself to the listener.  She is a treasure and will only  get better with time.  


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Press / Reviews

"This is it. Marianne Solivan’s Prisoner of Love is probably the best vocal jazz record of the year. The exquisiteness, expression and sentiment of her singing are supreme"          - Blinded by Sound

“Solivan creates enough sparks on this disc to start a camp fire! She’s got a husky and mature voice, strong and dynamic, and can use it with a hint of come hither seductiveness..” -George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

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