Day 44

It's been 44 days since I began my quarantine on March 14th after having abruptly ended a tour in Europe and come home to NYC.  For some reason I hadn't thought it had been that long.  I know it's been over a month and coming on two but somehow the number 44 seems way bigger than I thought.  Many of you may be much further along in your quarantine than I and I truly hope you are finding ways to not only keep sane but find joy.  It's difficult at times.   

I live in a very small studio apartment in Brooklyn, NY.  I'm lucky that I have a seperate eat in kitchen which makes the whole space seem much roomier.  I'm so glad to have this space and to have a place that I love and feel so comfortable in.  The three big windows in my main room shine light in all day, and that keeps me very aware of what's happening in the neighborhood and connected to the feel of the city.  I've never minded the noise that came with living here, on a main four lane street but now it seems to have dropped considerably down and I have long periods at night when I hear nothing but the wind.  That's a surreal sound in the middle of Brooklyn, New York.   

I've been able to stay busy with my teaching as I'm still working with my students at Syracuse University and a few other students in town.  It keeps me busy but also at times drives me nuts.  Not for any reason in particular.....maybe just the "having" to be someplace in the middle of this mess.  It's feels feudal at times.   

I've taken to singing in the evenings and accompanying myself on piano.  I'm not that good but I'm not that bad either and since I didn't marry a pianist, guitarist or bassist, I'm on my own.  It's been helping me get through this and so far I've gotten feedback from others who are enjoying it too.  So I've decided to post those moments here on this blog.  My first blog.   

So, I will post these songs and maybe tell you a bit about them or why I chose them and you can enjoy them, respond with comments or questions if you wish and share if you feel so inclined. 

By Duke Ellington, Eddie DeLange & Irving Mills

Piano - Joshua Richman
Voice - Marianne Solivan